Divine Colours

In the Old Testament, God directed his people to build a Tabernacle and, some centuries later, a Temple. It became later known as the Temple of Solomon. According to Exodus 26, God chose the colors and materials for decorating the Temple: blue, purple, carmine, linen, acacia, copper and gold.

These are my works painted with these divine colors. According to my knowledge, no painter has ever dealt with this theme before.

Divine Colours 200x175cm 2019

Divine Colours. Fraction. 15x15cm


Wabi-Sabi is a concept used in Japanese aesthetics. It is describes as the beauty that lies in imperfection, incompleteness and transience; also it is seen as an objective to attain simplicity and modesty.

Wabi-Sabi. Alchemy. 100x100cm

Wabi-Sabi. Yellow. White. Red. 120x120cm

Wabi-Sabi. White. Brown. Powder. 160x130cm